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Cleveland has been searching for a while now for its next major Hip Hop star. Some have almost reached success, while others have no idea what they want to do. At the young age of 23, Mr.Model has developed into the prodigy that Cleveland has been searching for, and he plans to represent his city to the fullest.

Born To Succeed in Cleveland, Ohio in 1985 to a dedicated mother and a very hard working father, Mr.Model moved to Decatur, Ga at the age of 11. Over the next 7 years, he would travel back and forth from Georgia to Cleveland as he began to seek his future with the music business.

In June of 1996, Mr.Model was forced to mature quicker than his peers. He was constantly faced with new surroundings, schools, and friends, making it difficult to become attached to anyone outside family, Mr.Model began to use this Nomadic lifestyle as an opportunity to broaden his mind and use his experiences to draw inspiration. He began to see the world differently than most kids even adults and this motivated him to write his thoughts down every day. These thoughts would become the foundation for his future recordings.

By the age of 16, Mr.Model really began to use his unique voice and catchy wordplay to create his own identity and style that would, one day, be loved and imitated by fans all over.

Ready to move forward in his career, Mr.Model was blessed with the birth of a beautiful young boy, while taking on the task of being a devoted father Mr.Model began his search for a new recording studio in Cleveland. He found Squad Ent, where owners John Miller & John Hardaway immediately recognized Mr.Model’s talents & immediately became his personal Manager’s. Squad Ent. released Whip Appeal, as well as 2 other mixtapes, and began their journey into the National music scene. Not long after, Mr.Model began being offered major label contracts, But still has not decided on whom to sign with.

This year, Dastreetbuzz.com ran a feature on Mr.Model stating that {Mr.Model has officially created a style and trend that has started to grow bigger than just the streets.} After major reviews Mr.Model Has Now Started The Promotion For his first official Project to be Intitled “New Swag New Money The Mixtape”,

These day’s most people are struggling with there lives trying to figure out how they can make their mark on this world, but Mr.Model has known his calling for years and is now drawing his future with a pen and a pad.

2008 dates are still avaliable. Prices vary due to function, location, and travel costs. Contact mrmodel216@gmail.com “Serious Inquires Only”.


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